A new era begins NIGHTWISH has always stood for virtuoso perfection. They are able to evoke fantastic dream worlds, fade out time and space, and touch you deep inside with their majestic symphonic compositions. Vision and temptation, love and passion, devotion and blood – this Finnish band also has the courage to aspire to new creative and innovative ventures.

Since their formation in August 1996, they have risen long ago to become the biggest Symphonic Metal band. It is no secret that main composer and keyboard player Tuomas Holopainen is a versatile songwriter, who lives for his music, dedicates himself to his art and this seeps through in every single note of his work.

Four years have passed since the gigantic 'Imaginaerum' album - a lot has happened and still even more will happen, because the time is right for a new chapter in the history of the Suomi-Symphonics. A chapter, which will set new standards and will start a magic trip into a spectacular parallel universe; so overwhelming, so epic, so beguiling. NIGHTWISH connect past, present and future to a flawless whole. It is a time for a new era. It is a time for Endless Forms Most Beautiful.

Group Members:

Floor Jansen - vocals
Tuomas Holopainen - keyboards
Marco Hietala - bass & vocals
Emppu Vuorinen - guitars
Jukka Nevalainen - drums
Troy Donockley - Pipes, flutes & whistles


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Arven is a Melodic Symphonic Metal from Frankfurt, Germany.
Releasing their second album Black Is The Colour in 2013, Arven is taking the next step to become a leading band in the genre of Melodic Metal! The band's five girls and drummer Till show a darker and harder side of their music, than was presented on their debut album, Music Of Light, yet still producing strong catchy melodies and atmospheric passages.

Arven's musicians come from various musical backgrounds and bring many different influences to their performances resulting in the band's unique sound, which appeals to a broad audience -, not only metal and rock fans, but also fans of folk or classical music. Still, there's one thing that runs like a common thread through Arven's compositions: the unconditional passion for melodic metal!

On her long-time quest to find female musicians who can bring her songs to life, guitarist Anastasia found the University trained guitarist Ines and piano player Elena, the classically trained singer Carina with the already experienced metal bass player Lisa. Drummer Till completed the band and has been responsible for timing and rhythm ever since. Starting at the beginning of 2007, the Frankfurt band has played many live shows rocking stages all over Germany and neighboring countries.

Arven blend together heavy guitar riffs and thundering double bass with enchanting nightingale-like vocals together with orchestral sounds. Classical and Folk elements with masterful piano playing meet catchy metal music. So it might be, that the quiet of a grand piano intro is destroyed by roaring guitars or that choirs and flutes cheerfully compete with fast metal-riffs to delight the listeners ear.

Arven released their first Demo CD in 2008, which sold out in a very short time. In September 2011 the initial demo was followed by the first official Album Music Of Light, released by German label Massacre Records. Since then Arven have been successfully playing numerous live-shows in Germany and other European countries while gaining a lot of new fans and followers.

Arven's second official album Black Is The Colour was recorded, mixed and mastered at the basement studio by Markus Teske and released in August 2013, entering German album charts at number 65 shortly afterwards.

Group Members:

Carina Hanselmann [Vocals]
Anastasia Schmidt [Guitar, main Songwriter]
Wanted! [Guitar]
Lisa Marie Geiß [Bass]
Lena Yatsula [Piano]
Till Felden [Drums]



The project SOLISIA started in 2006 by a casual meeting between keyboards player Wilson Di Geso and the drummer Marcantonio Quinto; the line-up became complete very soon by singer Marilena Stigliano and by Gianluca Quinto as guitar player.
United by their common passion for music, the four musicians started to wrote their own songs in a makeshift rehearsal room, creating four new tunes; When they deiced it was time to record a demo CD, the band needed a bass player, they asked Andrea Arcangeli, bassist of the Italian prog band DGM and Heavy band EVIDENCE, to join the project.

In March of 2007 SOLISIA recorded their first demo tape, “The Film of My Life”, a
prog/symphonic work which the main team is about life.
In June of the same year the band signed a deal with the Italian “Inferno Agency” for a better promotion on the metal scene and after few months the label Underground Symphony decided to produce the first studio album of the band.

In October 2009 SOLISIA signed the deal with the Italian label and in November they started the recording sessions at Fear Studios for their first full-lenght titled “Ordinary Fate”.
The album was released in early 2010. The band called the French artist Alexandra V Bach (Kamelot, Adagio, Operatika and many more) to take care about the artwork of the album.

After the release of the album the band played many gigs around Italy and took part to one of the biggest fest in Italy, Agglutination Metal Fest spreading their music to a more huge public.
In early 2011 the band splits from Marilena and called behind the microphone Elie Syrelia(Eleonora Tufarolo).

SOLISIA are now ready to record the second album and with Elie the band found a new energy
The result is what people can ear on the new “UniverSeasonS”.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Simone Mularoni (DGM) at Domination Studios and excellently packaged by Alexandra V Bach (Ravendusk design) “UniverSeasonS” will be released November 13, 2012 for the historic label Scarlet Records.

In support of the new album Solisia April 2013 to take part in the prestigious PPM Fest to be held in Belgium in the 12-13 and 14 and will be attended by bands such as Avantasia, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Queensryche, Stratovarius, Circus Maximus, Dgm and many others.

Group Members:

Gianluca Quinto - Guitar
Andrea Arcangeli - Bass
Marcantonio Quinto - Drum



Dreamer dibentuk di Jakarta pada tahun 1998 yang formasi awalnya terdiri atas Yani (gitar, vokal), Akay (bas) dan Totok (dram). Saat itu mereka mengusung style melodic death metal yang banyak terpengaruh oleh band-band Skandinavia seperti Amorphis, In Flames, Children of Bodom, dan sebagainya. Pada tahun 2000, Dreamer mengubah konsep musiknya menjadi Heavy metal setelah Rika (vokal utama), Bowo (kibor) dan Kiki (gitar) masuk memperkuat formasinya. Kali ini band-band seperti Nightwish, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil turut menginspirasi musikalitas Dreamer. Dengan mengibarkan ‘bendera’ baru, Dreamer menjelajahi panggung-panggung musik underground di Nusantara, dari wilayah Jabotabek hingga kota-kota lainnya. Dan lantaran performanya yang enerjik dan komunikatif, Dreamer nyaris selalu mendapat respon yang sangat heboh dari massa metal pada setiap konsernya. Sehingga permintaan untuk segera merilis album dari para penggemarnya pun berdatangan bertubi-tubi. Alhasil, dengan dana swadaya, Dreamer berhasil merilis mini album ‘Emperor of the Fading Sun’ pada tahun 2001. Dengan distribusi yang terbatas di bawah indie label mereka sendiri, Dreamland Productions, mini album tersebut telah terjual sebanyak 1.500 kopi. Tahun-tahun berikutnya, Dreamer turut meramaikan dua buah album kompilasi, yaitu ‘Neohellist 2’ (2002, Extreme Souls Productions) dengan singel ‘Hades’, serta ‘Metalik Klinik 6’ (2003, Rotocorp/Musica) dengan melesatkan hit singel-nya, ‘Karbala’. Singel tersebut pun sempat menduduki posisi teratas di program Rock Kasta, I-Radio. Respon yang luar biasa dari ‘Karbala’ seiring dengan tawaran panggung Dreamer yang semakin bergulir bak bola salju. Sejak itu Dreamer segera merangsek ke barisan terdepan band metal Ibu kota. Namun selama rentang tahun 2004 – 2007, Dreamer sering mengalami pergantian formasi yang sempat menghambat perkembangan karirnya. Sebelum akhirnya pada awal 2008 Menggarap album Bait Suci,Ditahun 2009 Arie Bimantoro Drummer dan Bayu Djody Gondokusumo bassist masuk sebagai anggota Dreamer 2010, Sylvester Hans masuk sebagai Pengganti Vicky Nitinegoro yg hengkang dari Dreamer dan ditahun 2011 ini Dreamer masuk studio lagi untuk merekam materi Album Baru yg rencana release akhir tahun 2011

Member :
Rika Ariga (Lead Vocal),
Handayani Woke (Guitar),
Tribowo (Keyboard),
Arie Bimantoro (Drum)
Sylvester Hans (Guitar)
Bayu Djody Gondokusumo (Bass)